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vaperfox ([personal profile] vaperfox) wrote2011-08-10 03:22 pm

Job Hunting Can Be Frustrating

I've been silent for a few months, working on a few projects while looking for job opporunities in the Austin, Texas area. It is not easy dealing with the discouragement I sometimes feel when some places won't hire me because I'm over-qualified and other places won't hire me because I'm not qualified in that paritcular job.

I do what I can to hold on, trying to find happiness in whatever I can. Plus, rent is not cheap here and I find myself with more room than I need. It feels like one of those moments in a book when you feel a roommate is going to show up eventually and you hope and pray it'll be someone who's a perfect match and that somehow everything will work out.

I miss costuming. It's far too hot right now. I miss hanging out with my friends, too.